You’ve Already Secured a Bag, Now It’s Time to

Secure Your Legacy

It was YOU pulling the all-nighters and putting in the work to give your clients life-changing products and services.


The messy rough drafts and frustrating false starts. The sacrifices and the growing pains. The headaches, mistakes and mess ups.


You went through it all to create the absolute magic you offer now.


So, there’s no way anyone should be able to swoop in and take credit for your hard-work or make money on the back of your ideas, right?


Well, the ugly truth is that, unless you protect yourself, there are people who will dip their hands in your pockets and take what you’ve worked so hard to build.


And they won’t just be stealing from you.


When your business is unprotected, your legacy is at risk, which means your kids and their kids will be robbed too!


But there will be no asset robbery on my watch …

By the way, I’m ReeJade Richmond, and when it comes to securing your legacy, I’m your business bestie. I flex my expertise in intellectual property to help creative entrepreneurs build, monetize and protect their business assets without

spending a fortune on lawyers.


Want to find out how to stop online thieves from stealing the business assets you’ve worked so hard to build?


WATCH my FREE 4-Part Video Series, "SECURED LEGACY: 4-Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Must Take to Protect their ASSets and Content."


Yes, in just 4 steps, I’ll give you the framework to make sure that your business is covered, your assets are safe and your family will be good for generations to come.


During this video series, you’ll find out:


• Exactly what a legacy is and everything you’ll need to make sure yours is secure.


• How to identify the type of legacy that makes the most sense for you and your business.


• Why it’s so important to leverage your business ASSets to secure your legacy TODAY and for the future.


• The failproof formula I’ve used to help hundreds of entrepreneurs protect their businesses.


• All the mistakes, mess-ups and missteps you’ll want to avoid while securing your legacy.


Listen, securing the bag is cool, but if you want long-term success for yourself AND future generations, you first must learn how to secure your legacy.

And that’s precisely what I’ll show you how to do during the video series. PLUS, you’ll learn how to secure your legacy – all without needing to drop a bag (or two)on lawyer fees.


Just imagine never having to …


Worry about random people stealing your million-dollar ideas.


Stress about where you’ll find the cash to hire an IP lawyer … again.


Wonder whether you’ll create enough wealth for your kids and grandkids to enjoy what you’ve built.


Look, securing your legacy isn’t merely smart business. It’s priceless peace of mind. Here’s why:


Listen, I know life can come at you fast.


For 6 years, I’ve needed a dialysis machine to keep me well enough to function. There were days I was afraid I wouldn’t make it. And it’s that fear that pushed me to build something I knew could live on (even if I didn’t).


So, I channeled every ounce of energy I had into building a six-figure business and protecting my assets in a way that would set my family up for generations to come.


In February 2020, I finally got the kidney transplant I needed. And while I’m incredibly grateful for that, I don’t regret for one second my decision to secure my legacy.


So, grab your notebook and get ready to discover just how easy and affordable it is to make sure you protect everything you’ve built. You get to enjoy all this goodness for FREE 99!

When women are finally ready to secure their legacy and build their business assets, there is only one woman in the world they can call.


And her name is ReeJade Richmond.  


An acclaimed business strategist, ReeJade is empowering women to embrace their true power bossness, turning their businesses into billion-dollar empires. By taking the complexity out of business, ReeJade's, clients soon realize that their epic ideas and extraordinary skills in their heads and hands today will be worth multi-millions, if not billions... in their bank accounts tomorrow! 


A first-generation college graduate, ReeJade finished law school determined to live the fairytale of being successful. Landing a position with one of the top intellectual property firms in the Detroit Metro area, she quickly earned her superstar spot, working on coveted accounts such as the U.S. Postal Stamp that preserved Rosa Parks’s legacy, estate matters for Aretha Franklin and the continued preservation of Malcolm X’s and Alex Haley’s heirs’ legacy.


ReeJade saw how her employer handled business matters and treated his clients and it made her realized she did not want to work at a law firm. But the riskiness and uncertainty of entrepreneurship were never in the cards for her—or so she thought.


Since women now look to ReeJade to birth their "business babies", it was destiny that the birth of her daughter was the push to do the work she does today. After a complicated labor left her 1.3 lb. baby in the NICU and ReeJade fighting to rebuild her failing kidneys, she found herself with no money and no concrete plan for the first time in her life. Bankrupt, she risked it all to have it all, putting everything she had on the line to build her first six-figure company. Not even dialysis or her family’s doubt could douse the fire of her dreams. In fact, it only ignited it. Along the way, she realized that the legal lane was still where she belonged, but this time, it was all about helping women build something big. To understand all of the words above the dotted line and the value of the assets that could make or break their bottom line. To believe in their business dreams until they happen. 


She is a SERVANT. She is a LEGACY MAKER. She is ReeJade Richmond.


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